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tv   [untitled]    May 13, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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. >> good afternoon it is now, one 08 the regular meeting open the investment & infrastructure the successor agency to the san francisco development agency for tuesday madam secretary. >> thank you, madam chair the order of business is item one role commissioners commissioner mondejar commissioner singh commissioner bustos madam chair rosales all members of the commission are present. >> the the next order of business is item 2 announcements a the next regularly scheduled meeting of may 19th will be one
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p.m. american people city hall room 416 and the announcements of prohibition please be advised the ringing of and use of cell phones pagers and similar sound-producing electronic devices are prohibited at this meeting. are prohibited at this meeting. please be advised that the chair may order the removal from the meeting room meeting room responsible for the ringing or use of a cell phone, pager, or other similar sound-producing electronic devices. c announcement of time allocate for time minutes public has 3 minutes it is strongly recommended the must be who wish to address the commission submit a card to the
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commission secretary the the next order of business item 3 report on actions at a previous closed session no responsiblyable actions the the next order of business is item 4 matters of unfinished business there are monopoly and the the next order of business item six matter of new businesses for consent and regular agenda first, the consent approval of the minutes for april 7, 2015, and 5 b authorizing the first amendment to the inclusive negotiation with, llc a delaware limited liability commercial property accessories block portion of lot 025 and portion of lot 027 on howard street between beal and main street
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discussion, resolution number 23 dash 2015 madam chair any speaker cards. >> for item 5 a. >> we do not. >> well, i think we can also 5 ab; right? >> no speaker cards? >> no speaker cards okay matter in the hands of the commissions one the approval of the minutes of the regular meeting of april 7, 2015, any comments moved by commissioner mondejar and second?
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yes commissioner singh. >> second yeah. >> yes. it's thoekd please call roll. >> commissioners announce our vote commissioner mondejar commissioner singh commissioner bustos i abstain i was a little bit madam chair rosales yes and we have 3 i's and with an abstinence. >> can i have a motion for 5 b. >> i move commissioner bustos moves seconded by commissioner mondejar please call the roll. >> commissioners members announce our vote commissioner mondejar commissioner singh commissioner bustos madam chair rosales i have 4 i's.
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>> okay. a consent calendar is adopted please call the next item. >> the next item is agenda item 5 b commissioners please announce our vote commissioner mondejar point of order madam secretary i believe 5 b. >> okay sorry the the next order of business is regular agenda approving a budget for july 1st through june 30th, 2016 and 30 years the executive director to submit the budget to the mayor's office and the board of supervisors discussion and action resolution madam director. >> thank you, madam secretary commissioners and good afternoon to the members of the public thank you so much for joining us commissioners that is our budget for your consideration we've had
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two workshops to date and this budget presentation will give you an overview we we've come back with responses to our additional questions from you and the members of the public a big picture before i i'm going to turn it over to sally our budget close to half a billion dollars represents the work program that you have charged us with in our major development areas of hunters point shipyard candle stick and transbay and mission bay the significant affordable housing and the as well as the obligations and our significant assets if form redevelopment areas which we have yerba buena and other areas that is an exciting program we have before you with our consideration with that deputy director sally with where you can u walk you through the half a billion dollars and the
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changes in the last workshop. >> thank you director bohe. >> commissioners sally deputy director it is my pleasure to present the budget for 2015-2016 as corroborating mentioned we'll go over the kind of big pictures to follow up but specifically our agenda p will go over the events it takes for a final approved budget. >> couple of updates i'll highlight and some of the answers is to the question and finally, the budget resolution itself calls for so we had our workshops on april 7th and april 21st we've talked about our administration and programs and other key aspects of our work program we're here for the commissioners consideration budget that will be submitted to the mayor's office they submit it to the board of supervisors on june 1st, by june 15th we'll
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have our hearing at the board of supervisors and the budget committee and then by june 30th the board of supervisors and the mayor approve an interim budget with the final budget by july 31st and just to remind that while our budget is a full fiscal year we'll also be doing a raps with the second fiscal year later summer or early of all the o a f approved our rap 15 a we're all set with that so in a snapshot your budget is 4 heed a $90 million a big picture of the uses biggest amount is really passed through the tjpa and the transbay project we've talked about the various projects we
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sell the land and those land procedures are provided to the tjpa for construction of the new transit center it includes property taxes on the parcels that are also pledged to the tjpa we have our debt service program for the redevelopment agency and the eject continues to pay that debt service i'll highlight the portion of the budget it totals hundred and $41 million the largest portion of that budget is the affordable housing program we talk about the president to accelerate that to make the city's incredible need for affordable housing our budget assumes we'll be issue 6 new rfps with you have a full plate you've seen before you that we continue to work and on will be
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funding $20 million for asset management including assets such yerba buena and other western edition and other related matters we have 12 for million dollars for staffing and other consultants and legal services, etc. and $11 million for specific infrastructure reimbursement and expenditures in our budget we have that visibly so again if so e this is the program and project portion of the hundred and $41 million as you can see the blue portion make ups 70 percent of the budget followed by asset management and the project management and infrastructure expenditures on the sources side also added up to 4 heed and $42 million
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those are the developer one hundred million dollars plus the affordable housing and debt service and some infrastructure so the sources cross different uses and we've been talking about as part of the acceleration for the housing is the potential should we have the ability to bond for affordable housing funding we've incorporated $45 million in the budget for that that primarily is accumulated of the new projects i've mentioned the 6 rfp issue an rfp and provide the predevelopment loans to get those out the gate as quickly as possible but we have fund balances carried over from last year, we continue to spend and various property rents and garage revenues and little bits
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that half a collapsed into other categories as you can see bond procedures are a large portion of 32 percent developer payments are 19 percent, property tax and garage revenues and others so a couple of things we've you wanted since we saw you hunters point shipyard part of the work program to contract with other city departments opposed the infrastructure plans and other development plans we work closely with the puc and the public works and also mta they're staffed with the upcoming workload and so we've added $200,000 to each the budget so they can match the scope of work and i'm pleased to
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say the online application that has been worked on and close to be launched and oewd asked you we're 10 percent of the units in the database it includes all the affordable housing and the sponsored program they've asked to contribute 4 point plus million dollars so this portal will be a one-stop shopping place, if you will for people looking for affordable housing they can apply and get online updates and e-mail as we progress there a project in a loiter process and one of the benefits their information is retained it makes it easier if they're not shetland for a project or not continue on with an one project their information
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is carried over so we're excited to be a part of that we think that will aid our efforts rincon hill south beach we've been working very closely with the port as you've heard to terminate the lisa, in fact, that was approved the termsz but a couple of staff to finalize the termination we put the budget together and thought it would be wrapped up but it didn't need to be kept in the budget but how long term approvals can take we want to conservatively add that amount $1.7 million for the leased payment passed to the port and harbor operation as well debt service to the cal lesson those
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if those termgsz were not complete we wanted to make the payment, of course as soon as those are done we'll cease making the payment and yerba buena in the coming fiscal year we are that thinking it is closer to the i said of the fiscal year don't know the exact timing including other similar amazes amounts to make payment through the fiscal year so wanted to highlight a couple of questions and research you asked us to do one of them regarding our contract appliance programming and making sure we can track not only the award of contracts to small business enterprises but verify the payment at the end of the day and we've confirmed yes, the
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system the software program has that capacity and our staff is working on implementing that data collection process so we don't have the data yet but they're starting that process similarly a question about affordable unit marketing do we have coverage in our budget we do as we bulb out i budget for the affordable housing those line items are one of the line items that are typical in our affordable housing so this is plenty of room for the housing projects to include the launch of the new online portal for affordable housing as well as and aid in that marketing there was a question in general of our affordable housing portfolio and how it broke down between the rentals and
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ownership the total pipeline of the projects completed and projects that are schedule to be completed up to 2020 breaks down to 20 percent of rentals and 17 percent homeownership but. >> a rental is broke down into different categories 61 family rental 13 bedroom, etc. sized unit the specific population restrictions about 13 percent for senior rental and 9 percent for supportive or special needs and 10 percent on homeownership. >> so that bring sees us to the authorization to be transmitted to the mars and a mar and any changes she'll be authorized to make the changes and through the
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budget year it allows us flexibility on tables 3 in our budget that's the project area if there recent an adjustment before a line item and shipyard we'll make those for the flexibility, of course it is subjected to our ralph authority we've got 15 approved and working on 16 b this early fall and back to 0 you for deduction deduction that concludes my presentation. >> thank you any speaker card. >> two speaker cards (calling names). >> according to the brown act i'm francisco according to the brown act you commissioners please make sure when you have a long presentation like this so
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convoluted there are steps for the public to know exactly what our talking about so when this agenda item comes before the board of supervisors i'll be addressing that but i want to brought to your attention this is such a long presentation you have to have been 10 ph.d to follow what is happening it is very very, very convoluted and it is a shame that because the public didn't come here they don't have the time to come here you all rubber stamp those types of reports now you're talking about the form redevelopment agency i want to brought to your attention that justice has not been done and one of the areas that i'm going
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to tarnishing is the coming again and again and again, you, raise million dollars dollars but the church which is suffering a little money and fix it is a shame secondly, we're talking about affordable housing we want to know if affordable to whom? just like the mayor is talking about thirty thousand of units and when you look at the area when the affordable housing is going to be built it is going to be built in areas that are contaminated areas you talk about the shipyard it is a super fun site roadway you may not know that commissioners but you have to tear down brand new units on the shipyard they're built on contaminated soil not you'll but some and this
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investigative reporting will be doing a lesson i didn't thing for the community user community commissioners that's a shame even though a lot of the things are happening in the bayview we don't have one representation and draek and myself come here to represent you don't have the developments or 2k0789sdz to look at line item things and some of the projects and give our opinions so next item donna in connection don't leave us in the dark you say go to the intersect or shut down our electronic device you prohibit it so it is like do this but don't do it i'm going to be talking at length to the board of supervisors but before that i'm going to be writing a 40
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page report on this silly report that's been given thank you very much. >> good afternoon i'm dr. espanola jackson first, i'd like to ask the attorney because i know you all can't give me answers when i ask the question i'd like to ask the city attorney that represents you whether or not to commission this body has executive privilege and not be looking at the fact in their overriding the governors report that was done when you all were set up there was an oath you took you
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had to write out a report yes or no taken oaths by the ethics commission so first of all, do you have executive privilege you asking act as though you have i have come before you so many times i've been coming before it was redevelopment in 1968 i've been around a long time i'm 82 year-olds but each time i don't see you having anything in the budget for my church that's my church, i can't i went to church sunday and had to have two people guarding the door only one bathroom and it's for the men that can go down because the floors are falling apart you should be shamed of yours and
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that church that church has been there since 1968 it was there and guess what you talk about affordable housing i've been asking since 1970 what do you mean when you say air force it is not it possible to the resident that live in san francisco look at your read everyday rent is so high people having to move out rents 2 and 4 told us a month that's ridiculous what are the salaries in this city for the residents that live here? how much money do they make they don't make no 80 and $90,000 a year to say affordable it is a shame had i see poor people come
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in here going to be supporting things they don't know what they're supporting because the information is not out but you know god looks at high and low and he is watching all of you i'd like to say that it is a shame that when you give the projects out to other developers and housing are built on toxic sites i know euro not going to ask for a report of how many senior citizens have died on third street within two months 40 seniors pass on toxic sites the housing was built on toxic sites i hate to here people say you're all supporting the developers because you're in the pockets of the developers to
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build and do wherever they decide to do and eliminate the important people out of the san francisco i must say i've been a homeowner since 1968 and i'm not going no where and i'm from the hood he everyone knows the hood but i come and try to give everybody respect but you don't respect me or my community >> yes. darling. >> the 3 minutes are up. >> thank you very much and you all have a bless day i'll be coming and i know you'll be talking about something you, you don't know and i will or want to see things of my church in writing thank you. >> i don't have have a card and not here an, an activist. >> mr. washington are you going
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do address. >> okay can you hear me now my name is ace i've been on this case so of those people out there they've moved on in this place but it is no mystery just check my history oh i've been working on those cases involved in a lot of conspires oh what is the going down, down down in this town population is going down yeah when the benefits come we might not be no where around this 50 percent hiring is just a bunch of shut oh, when i can't afford this high
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dog gone rent let's try san francisco recipe but all you got to do look around and tell me where the black folks went when i'm standing here in city hall oh, get silly all what do did you is here in city hall sometimes, it get silly you all you call that still i but i call it silly hall because i'm going to tell i've been a tall in it you all at city hall do you want to know what's going in city hall do don't you want to know leakage i'm not an
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activist i'm an entrepreneur and i want to show you before i got 00 into this political game i was in church all my life got murder at 18. >> mr. washington. >> i would like you to address item. >> address the budget. >> the budget. >> i agree with if you don't take care of off your obligation in the fillmore i call it the feel no more look around the blacks are leaving this town thank you. >> madam secretary. >> i don't have any more cards our for on the budget the budget item. >> i mean my church.
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>> sir if you want to speak on the budget item? oh, okay. >> maybe i do or do not. >> just come in so where are we on this agenda specifically what is the. >> we're on item 5 c which is to approve the agencies budget for the period of july one, 2015 to june 30th, 2016, to submit the budget to the mayor's office and ultimately to the board of supervisors. >> from a what i can understand i'm here to speak on our church the grace tabernacle we hope we'll be can you think on the church the budget amounts specifically i d